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Genesis Software specialises in the development and manufacture of scientific radars for studying the Earth's atmosphere and ionosphere and for observing meteors as they enter the atmosphere.  We offer complete radar solutions; radar sub-systems and components; and upgrades to existing radars.  Our principal radar products include VHF wind profilers, SKiYMET meteor radars, ionospheric radars, MF radars and frequency and time synchronised radar stations.




New Products

  • USB Vector Network Analyser

Genesis Software announces the release of the HTECH uVNA 7 USB Vector Network Analyser.  The uVNA provides accurate and sophisticated network analysis measurements of antennas and electronic circuits at low cost. It finds application in radar site support; in electronics design, development and test activities; and in electronics teaching environments. Please click uVNA for further product information.

HTECH uVNA 7 USB Vector Network AnalyserIn radar systems, evaluating and optimising the performance of antennas and antenna arrays are fundamental requirements and a vector network analyser is an indispensable tool in the development, commissioning and maintenance of radar installations.

In electronics laboratories, the vector network analyser finds wide application in design, development and test measurements, and in fault finding and repair of electronic equipment.

The uVNA is a 2-port instrument to provide both reflection and transmission measurement capability. It is a calibratable instrument and applies the standard short, open, load calibration procedure.

Traditional portable and bench-top vector network analysers are highly sophisticated instruments that come at a commensurate high cost. Standalone portable instruments still tend to be bulky and weighty whereas the USB VNA is very small and lightweight and makes use of the ubiquitous laptop computer to provide control, processing, measurements display and storage functionality. In this way, it becomes an economical reality to broadly equip field stations, electronics development and test laboratories and teaching facilities with this powerful and sophisticated circuit analysis tool.
The USB Vector Network Analyser has been developed by experienced professional engineers and users to address key areas of radar, electronics design, development and test, and electronics engineering teaching applications.

  • Transceiver Module

We now have available a highly sophisticated dual-channel transceiver module that provides a powerful and flexible building block for radars that require programmable beam forming and beam steering capability. Each module has two 2 kW channels with independent phasing on both transmission and reception and each channel includes a transmit/receive switch, a low noise amplifier and down-conversion to IF. The transceiver module features VNA measurement of channel load impedance under full transmit power and includes sophisticated in-built facilities for calibration and test.

  • Frequency and Time Synchronised Radar Stations

These receive-only radar stations use high precision frequency references conditioned by GPS to allow synchronous reception of scatter originating from a distant transmit site. They may be used as receive stations in bistatic radar configurations and find particular application in reception of ionospheric and meteor forward scatter.

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