Products & Services

Our principal radar system products include wind profilers, meteor radars, ionospheric radars and frequency and time synchronised radar stations.  We cover MF, HF and VHF frequency bands. Radars range in scale from meteor radars and boundary layer troposphere radars employing transmitter powers from 7.5 kW or so, to MST-class radars employing very large antenna arrays and 100’s of kW of transmitter power.

In addition to complete solutions we supply radar sub-systems including antenna systems, transmitters, transceiver systems, receiving systems, data acquisition systems, and associated software.  We also supply radar items at the component level including antennas, baluns, power splitter/combiners, transmit/receive switches, RF filters, and DDS-based synthesisers.

In addition, we can provide cost-effective upgrades to existing radars. We provide a wide range of services from antenna array modeling and array design, RF engineering design, software design; to radar installation and maintenance; to radar operator and technical training.

Recent Developments
  • Transceiver Module

We now have available a highly sophisticated transceiver module that provides a powerful and flexible building block for radars that require programmable beam forming and beam steering capability.  The transceiver is implemented as two independent 2 kW channels in a single module. Each channel has independent phasing on both transmission and reception and the phasing is implemented using direct digital synthesis (DDS) techniques.  A transmit/receive switch and a directional coupler are included in each channel.  The directional coupler allows complex load impedance to be measured under full power on a pulse-to-pulse basis for optimum protection against load faults and for calibrating transmit path phase delays.  A test signal may be injected into the output ports to allow swept VNA measurement of the load to be performed in test mode.  The test signal may also be injected into the receive signal path to calibrate receive path phase delays for accurate beam forming on reception.  The transceiver module includes low noise amplifiers and down-conversion to intermediate frequency (IF).  The entire transceiver module is controlled by an on-board microcontroller which includes very comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics functionality.

  • Frequency and Time Synchronised Radar Stations

High precision frequency references conditioned by GPS are used to frequency- and time-synchronise outlying receive-only radar stations with a transmit site.  This capability has a wide range of user applications.  For example, in an ionospheric radar application, outlying stations can be used to receive forward scatter from field-aligned irregularities.  In meteor radar applications, outlying stations can be used to receive forward scatter from meteor trails to allow determination of meteor orbits.  The frequency- and time-synchronised radar station is designed to operate in complete autonomy from the transmit site making it particularly suited for rapid deployment for campaign operation.

Product and Services Summary

Our principal radar products include:

  • VHF wind profilers
  • SKiYMET1 meteor radars
  • Ionospheric radars
  • MF radars
  • Frequency and Time Synchronised Radar Stations

Radar sub-systems and components include:

  • Pulse transmitter systems
  • Pulse transceivers
  • Receiving systems
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Antennas and antenna arrays
  • Antenna baluns, antenna power splitter/combiners
  • High power splitter/combiners
  • Transmit/receive switches

Our services include:

  • Active phased array design
  • Antenna array modeling
  • Consulting and collaboration
  • Field trial services
  • Radar system leasing
  • Radar installation and maintenance services
  • Radar operator and technical training
  • RF engineering solutions
  • Scientific analysis software
  • Data format design and implementation


  1. SKiYMET is a joint development with MARDOC Inc.