Industrial Engraving and Machining Services

Industrial engraving and machining including:

  • aluminium panels
  • sub-racks and chassis
  • diecast aluminium enclosures
  • plastic labels

For first-class professional results built on experience, attention-to-detail and an enthusiastic and responsive approach to customer service

Services include:
  • machining and engraving aluminium panels for sub-racks and chassis
  • machining and engraving diecast aluminium enclosures
  • plastic labels
  • no minimum quantity
  • prototypes and one-offs a specialty
  • we accept a wide range of CAD formats
  • we can provide CAD services to create or modify drawings

Genesis Software designs and manufactures electronic instruments for scientific applications and we have established in-house production facilities for rotary engraving and machining of panels and enclosures.  Our own needs demand first-rate, professional results and fast turnaround for both production and prototyping.  We are therefore well-positioned to understand the needs of the electronics industry and deliver top quality results.  Our enthusiastic and skilled team aims to exceed your expectations!

Engraved Instrument Panel

An example of an engraved instrument panel is shown above.  Cut-outs and clearance holes are precision machined and lettering is engraved and paint-filled for a professional and durable finish.

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