MP3 Answering Machine

I used to have a permanent modem connection for Internet access, but after upgrading to DSL I have a free phone line and voice modem which I have used to create an answering machine which sends me an email whenever a message is saved containing an MP3 attachment of the call.

Most of the brains of this are in part of the MGetty port called VGetty. VGetty is a program designed to talk to voice modems to have them record and play back audio. The default mode is to pick up the phone after a few rings, play a message at the caller and record what they say in return - this is what is used here. It also supports running a script when the modem is picked up which could be used to implement a fully fledged voice mail box system.



Daniel O'Connor
Last modified: Thu Mar 27 11:57:03 CST 2008