About Us

Who we are

Genesis Software is a research and development and manufacturing company specialising in the development, supply and support of scientific radar instrumentation and software for studies of the Earth's atmosphere and ionosphere; and for observations of meteors as they enter the atmosphere.

We have over 20 years of experience in the development and commercialisation of sophisticated radar systems and software.  Our clients include universities, bureaus of meteorology, government laboratories, research and development companies and other radar manufacturers and system integrators.

Our staff possess a broad range of expert skills and experience encompassing atmospheric science; computer science and software engineering; digital, analogue and RF electronics; and customer service and support.  We have substantial research and development facilities and manufacturing facilities established over many years.  Genesis Software also operates its own privately-owned radar research station located approximately 100kms to the south of our business premises in Adelaide, Australia.

Genesis Software has worked closely over many years with leading research groups around the world and we operate our own meteor radar system and field trial radar systems at our radar research station. Consequently, we are uniquely placed to understand the special requirements of radar instrumentation and software, and observational, analytical and operational needs.

More than seventy radar systems installed world-wide use our equipment and software. Our equipment is used in a number of major VHF radar systems including:

  • Andenes, Norway:  MST radar:  transceiver module –based, 433 transceivers, 866 kW total power (under construction) (supplying to IAP, Germany)
  • Ontario, Canada:  wind profiler radar network – a network of nine 40 kW radars presently under construction with five site presently operational (supply of radar equipment to MARDOC Inc., Canada)

Numerous SKiYMET meteor radar systems operating in the HF and VHF frequency bands have also been deployed, and a growing number of radars for ionospheric observations have been produced.  In addition, more than fifteen MF radar systems utilise our hardware and software.

Expertise and skills

Genesis Software is staffed by a highly skilled and dedicated science, engineering and technical team.  We have special expertise in:

  • atmospheric science - radar systems concepts and designs; scientific analysis and presentation
  • software engineering - data acquisition and control; data analysis and display; operating systems and networking
  • RF electronics engineering – all aspects of MF, HF and VHF radar hardware design
  • electronics engineering - analogue and digital design; data acquisition hardware
  • project management – the key to on-time and on-budget delivery and deployment
  • antenna systems - array design and simulation; antenna design
  • mechanical design
  • manufacture and quality assurance
  • installation and commissioning support and maintenance – daily scrutiny of the performance of over 25 radars
  • world-wide training – standard training courses are available for profiler, meteor and ionospheric radar systems  

Genesis Software radar research station

Our modern research station has been established on a picturesque 2.25 hectare country property approximately 100 kilometres south of Adelaide in South Australia.  The radar research station is used for:

  • research and development activities
  • operation of our own meteor and wind profiler radar systems
  • field testing of new equipment before delivery
  • customer training
The research station offers overseas visitors a unique opportunity to evaluate our products in a relaxed and informal environment.  In addition, we maintain a fully operational scientific observatory where our products can be demonstrated to customers, both on-site and remotely via our world wide web site.

Our products and services

  • VHF wind profilers
  • SKiYMET1 meteor radars
  • Ionospheric radars
  • MF radars
  • Frequency and time synchronised radar stations
  • Radar sub-systems and components
  • Design, support, installation and maintenance services
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Sodankyla SKiYMET

1. SKiYMET is a joint development with MARDOC Inc.